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meryva wrote in fantasywords

[18] Movies/Series (11) Harry Potter, (3) Merlin, (1) TVD, (3) Game of Thrones
[8] Nature

[18] Stock
 photo 32523_zpsecd927b9.png  photo 54363_zpscdc01aff.png  photo 64353_zps05695a7a.png

 photo 543643_zps85df07fd.png  photo 3226_zpsd1ab9178.png  photo 32523_zpsecd927b9.png  photo 4325_zpse5aa4807.png
 photo 2347_zps28c935e6.png  photo 2346_zps245af70a.png  photo 2345_zps207f2db5.png  photo 2344_zps812cad77.png
 photo 2342_zps833d41ed.png  photo 32452_zps47ccc768.png  photo 6534_zpsaf13f323.png  photo 63_zpsdd8909e2.png
 photo 64_zpsff207917.png  photo 3225_zps7a6685db.png  photo 6z547_zpsac222f01.png  photo 34245_zpsb17eb91e.png
 photo 23525_zpsd3628c77.png  photo 213214_zps59a7c538.png

 photo 634543_zps366865a0.png  photo 54363_zpscdc01aff.png  photo 43252_zps8f5c77ca.png  photo 6546_zpsb0de7d59.png
 photo 6534_zps1aeda689.png  photo 6345_zpsbd9cee7c.png  photo 5436_zps9f84d671.png  photo 23_zps51440597.png

 photo 543643_zps16c10524.png  photo 534643_zps0a0ee5d4.png  photo 423523_zpsa489716b.png  photo 423435_zps649f3f73.png
 photo 342352_zpsb961a138.png  photo 64353_zps05695a7a.png  photo 54364_zpsab89e536.png  photo 52536_zps3ea855de.png
 photo 43234_zpsa58c0bb0.png  photo 6547_zpsd0f61728.png  photo 6435_zps2d3612e1.png  photo 6353_zpsf28ed741.png
 photo 5634_zps52e0e02b.png  photo 3254_zps2f393f67.png  photo 4325_zps93194910.png  photo 345_zps7925978d.png
 photo 234_zps7098f9f6.png  photo 43_zps86470c33.png
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Please credit if you take fantasywords or meryva
Do not claim as your own
Comment if you like them :)
Enjoy :)

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Beautiful. Would love to use a few and credit. :)

Nice Game of Thrones and stock icons.

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